Heroes series #3


Quality print.

Hero #3 of 10 is part of a project called "Heroes Series" by Manekistefy. It contains a  selection of 10 Japanese Folklore Heroes, which have a significant meaning for the artist. Ukiyo-e in Japan were published periodically, we want to maintain this tradition publishing with regularity.

Yamauba is hero #3,  this print shows her with Kintaro: she found him in the mountain forest and he became her adopted child.

There are many Yamauba, they live in the mountains in a wild way, but sometimes they visit the villages for buying their loving sake, they fill a magic pumpkin bottle that can contain infinite quantity. It's said that if you make business with a Yamauba without recognize her, you'll have a great success. A peaceful Yamauba brings happiness and abundance.

Once Yamauba didn't like children, it's said she burned them... but her destiny changed and her mission became growing a child with the ability to protect the mountain. In this print she is with Kintaro, her adopted child who can speak and be friend with forest animals. He's super powerful, a prodigy child indeed!

She feeded him, fostered his talents, protected him.

Manekistefy really loves this story because Yamauba could transform herself and with a great strength she feeds like mother nature does with us, with a power that is not good or bad, but immense . She can also punishing men who damage the mountain nature.

From children devourer , she became their protector, to witness every aspect is included in his opposite.

Yamauba is the mountain spirit, the mountain divine, and she's even a mother.

Associated there is a small present from Manekistefy: a detail printed on a seeds paper, so you can be like Yamauba and make something grow! From spring and on you can plant the seeds paper into the soil, water it with regularity and wait your surprise!!! 

Enjoy this project with us sending pictures of your plants !!!