Heroes Series #4 Tamatori Hime


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Her story can have different variations, this is the one my Japanese friends told me.
Tamatori Hime was a Ama, a pearls divers . Ama women usually wear red trousers with naked brest.
They were very famous for their ability in apnea, and for this skill they were incredibly good in founding shell pearls.
Tamatori felt in love with a lord and she became his concubine. They had a child together. They really love each other and they were living a good life, but…

Her beloved was called to restore his family reputation finding the tide pearl that was lost in the sea.
In Japanese tradition offering jewels to the Ocean is a ritual to calm down the sea God or Kami, called Ruyji. He's a powerful dragon, the King of the Sea.

So Ryuji, kept the tide jewel as it was his right.

Tamatori thought to donate prestige and honor to his man , finding the pearl.

They organized a feast on the shore with music and food to attract the Dragon and all his fish friends . Once the Ryuji was distracted, Tamatori could stole the pearl.

But unluckily…. the Dragon discovered the deception !!!! When she was swimming up to the surface, the Dragon attack her , giving her deep wounds…

Tamatori was so fast and clever to protect the pearl cutting his brest and putting inside the jewel…

She could deliver the tide pearl to her beloved, she asked him to consider their son legitimate, … as she couldn’t help him anymore on her life…

She was called princess Tamatori, Tamatori Hime.

I really love this legend, because it express an unconditional love. Doing something for another person without thinking getting something back, it sounds so impossible in this era….
When we do something gentle, people are suspicious and  look for something hidden in the shadows …

We are living in a world that nobody does nothing for nothing, and this is sad…
That’s why Tamatori Hime is my Hero!

Size: A3, 42 cm X 29,7 cm

Paper: Watermarked 260 gr