Geisha with cats, noren by Manekistefy and Shiryu

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Description: Noren, traditional Japanese curtain, depicting a Geisha with cats, made from a collaboration between Manekistefy and Shiryu.

”Drawing a Noren is always been my dream; this project is a collaboration with a great friend of mine, Shiryu, a great master of the traditional Japanese tattoo. Japanese Noren give pinch of warm to your house, personalize it with elegance. Noren are a different and original way to separete rooms. I wanted to tell a Geisha intimacy:  while getting ready, she’s pleasenty hampered by two lovely kittens that want to play. To whom cat lovers is never happened, isn’t it?” (Manekistefy)


  • cotton linen
  • digital print on fabric
  • size: 79 cm x 120 cm
  • year: 2018