Unguento Piovra 30ML


Unguento Piovra

If you like first class tattoo, you will love this product.



heal faster and better, tattoo faster on a less swollen skin with no redness.

One of the many peculiarity that distinguish Unguento Piovra from the other ointments, is its dual purpose: aftercare ointment for the customer and procedural balm for the tattoo artist.
Unguento Piovra not only prevent and calm redness’s but is also capable of shortening healing times, disinfects and soothes the skin making it the ideal helping tool during the tattoo’s execution.

  • Natural Tattoo Aftercare Ointment & Procedural Balm
  • No Petroleum Jelly
  • No Alcohol
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Contents 30ml
  • Produced and Distributed by Adrenalink Tattooing Studio 

Unguento Piovra originates from the collaboration between Adrenalink Team, with a twenty years experience certified lab in natural cosmetics that allowed, not only to identify and satisfy the tattooer and the tattooed needs, but also to present a unique product that is qualitatively and by composition different from the multitude of creams that are nowadays available on the market.

Unguento Piovra is made entirely by natural certified ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty free with a buttery consistency to the touch that doesn’t grease leaving the skin soft and free to breathe.
The delicate aroma of cider and cypress bring back to the Oriental tradition, the natural elements and to their healing properties.

The practical waterproof aluminum package is ideal to take the Unguento wherever you go.